by Carlos Luna

Gouache and Charcoal on Amate Paper

59 x 47.5 in
(150 x 120 cm)




CCG Art Collection, Miami, Florida, USA.



Art in Embassies Exhibition, United States Embassy, Santiago, Chile.

Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, Florida, USA, August 24 – November 24, 2007.

The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery, Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pennsylvania, USA, March 13 – April 15, 2007.

Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, Florida, USA,  July 7 – October 23, 2005.



Retratos De Carlos Luna, Bass Museum of Art, p. 7, Published 2005, ISBN: 0-9752849-4-0.

Carlos Luna, Personal Histories Susquehanna Art Museum, Polk Museum of Art & The Suzanne H. Arnold Gallery, Lebanon Valley College, p. 65, Published July 2006, Illustrated in color.

Art in Embassies Exhibition, United States Embassy Santiago, Chile, Cover & p. 14.


Museum Description


Counterpart to the Realist, the Dreamer levitates elegantly above the waterline, his daggers and blood are replaced by a red flower and a bird, traditional symbols of peace and freedom. His gaze does not meet ours; instead, his almond-like white eyelids are closed. He is in a trancelike state, removed spiritually and intellectually from the realities of his destiny. In these two compelling works, Luna captures in microcosm, the essence of the Cuban condition and, in macrocosm, the dual nature of the human condition.

 Scott A. Schweigert ©